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You would probably agree that we all strive to create a balance in our lives...
a balance between our work and personal lives, our spiritual and everyday lives. Well, wouldn’t you also agree that True Health requires a balance between our physical, emotional and financial lives? If any of these are out of balance, stress results and a downward spiral begins.

This web site and our project is all about achieving and maintaining such a balance. It is our belief that:

True Health is not merely and absence of illness, but a balance of physical vitality, clear and positive thinking and a capacity for continued intellectual, spiritual and social growth.

So how do we go about creating or re-enforcing balance within our lives?

From a health perspective, let’s start with the most plentiful substance on the surface of this planet and the essential nutrient which allows us to survive and thrive... the substance which we are mostly made of... water. The earliest philosophers described water as "the foundational structure of the universe" and "the beginning and basis of all creation." The circulation of water helps maintain a balance on the earth as well as within biological organisms. In our bodies, water delivers nutrients and carries away wastes. The role of water is so critical within our bodies that even a slight decrease in overall quantity will result in all types of illness. It is for these reasons, and for others to be discussed here, that the type of water we drink can have the most significant impact on our health... more significant than anything else.

The Benefits of Properly Ionized Water:

For several decades, research has been conducted throughout the world, mostly in Japan, on the most plentiful substance on the surface of this planet. It has been discovered that the structure of water holds the key to its unique power and health-giving benefits. More recently, quantum science has given us the proper tools to view and analyze this enigmatic substance. It is an exciting and self-empowering time in which the awareness of the connection between water and health is steadily growing. We stand at the forefront of a new modality in health care and sickness prevention. So simple... so logical... yet so overlooked.

In fact, we, in the US, are just beginning to understand what the Japanese have known since the early 1960's... that filtered, ionized, alkalized water offers tremendous health benefits by helping to remove oxidation from body tissues, resulting in healthier cells. This, in turn, allows our bodies to become naturally balanced, at which point, our bodies can begin to heal themselves of virtually anything. After all, our bodies are designed to be self-healing (provided, of course, they are in balance to begin with).

Blood and lymphatic fluids should be slightly alkaline for maximum health, however we abuse these fluids by dumping acidic substances into our bodies on a continuing basis. These substances include soft drinks, carbonated beverages, sugars, refined foods... not to mention contaminated air and water, and the biggest acidifier of the body... emotional stress. In fact, every activity we perform, whether it be eating, drinking, breathing, walking, thinking, etc. creates acid waste in our bodies. True health lies in our ability to remove this excess acidity.

Electrically ionized water creates anti-oxidants from our tap water and makes them available for drinking and cooking. This process adds nothing to your water source. What is does, is re-structure the water into a much more hydrating, alkaline and anti-oxidizing form for consumption. At the same time, it concentrates oxidants (free radicals), separates them from our drinking stream and makes them available for external use and sanitation.

This type of water is known as "functional water" and is produced from a device known as a water ionizer. In Japan, functional water is used in many hospitals to address degenerative conditions that are commonly thought to be the inevitable results of aging. It is estimated that approximately one out of every six households in Japan has a water ionizer. Depending on the ionization setting as well as the capabilities of the machine, it is also used for cooking ("culinary water"), skin care ("beauty water") and cleaning (due to its disinfectant and emulsification properties).

The power of this technology is that we are improving the characteristics of the most common substance in our bodies - water, which can carry its healthful properties to every cell, influencing our health in the most fundamental way.

Properly ionized drinking water has 3 basic properties which make it ideal for consumption. First, it is a powerful antioxidant, In fact, there is no more powerful antioxidant available. Second, it has an alkaline nature (pH value 8.5 - 9.5), Third, it is much more hydrating than any other type of water.

The anti-oxidant portion of the water contains an abundance of free electrons (negatively charged particles). The oxidizing portion of the water contains an abundance of hydrogen ions (positively charged particles) otherwise referred to as free radicals. As we consume the anti-oxidant water, the freely-available electrons neutralize free radicals and repair body tissues, notably cell membranes, thus allowing for the proper transfer of nutrients into, and waste products out of the cells. A healthy balanced cell creates a healthy balanced body.

The higher pH value of the ionized water creates less stress on the body. It helps it to more easily maintain the alkalinity of the blood, lymph and other tissues without needing to pull valuable minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium from its own reserves, which leaves the body in a weakened state.

A recent seven-year study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, on 9,000 women showed that those who have chronic acidosis are at greater risk for bone loss than those who have normal pH levels. The scientists who carried out this experiment believe that many of the hip fractures prevalent among middle-aged women are connected to high acidity caused by a diet rich in animal foods and low in vegetables. This is because the body borrows calcium from the bones in order to balance pH. - American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The smaller size of the water molecule clusters allows this water to more easily penetrate tissues, thus allowing for more efficient nutrient delivery and waste removal. This effect is commonly noticed with the first glassful of this water, when people describe a lightness, smooth texture or drinkability to the water.

It is important to note that the consumption of higher pH water does not have the direct effect of raising overall body pH, as some proponents suggest, nor is it advisable to raise the pH in all tissues. For instance, the skin and stomach need to remain acidic, while the blood and lymph systems should remain alkaline. Each cell understands where it needs to be in terms of pH and we need only to allow them to self-balance. This is not accomplished simply by higher pH water, but only through a proper ionization process which uses sufficient electrical energy and does not add excessive minerals to the source water.

Think about the destructive power of acidic water and foods as they "clog" the cell tissues with sticky, rancid mucous coatings. Think about how you would feel every day if your cell tissues were cleared of this acid waste and were working at optimum efficiency. Think about having a consistently high level of energy throughout the day as well as a clear, positive mental attitude. This is how we were meant to be. This is our birthright. This is entirely achievable and we should not settle for less.


It's great to be skeptical. In fact, we were extremely skeptical at first, yet remained open-minded. The more we researched, the more the technology made sense. When we actually began applying this water in our own lives and those of others, we began to experience results. If we had not seen these results, we probably wouldn't have continued our research, nor would we be sharing this with you. This is a technology which perhaps can be debated on a purely theoretical basis, but once experienced, cannot be dismissed.

We believe that this technology offers a fundamental tool for us to apply in our overall health maintenance arsenal; a "key" which unlocks the door to true health and allows all other health modalities to obtain maximum effectiveness. After all, we are all water creatures (our cells are 70 - 98% water), and filling our bodies with the right kind of water can only be the most effective way to positively influence our overall health.

If you're thinking that water is just water, or that the body balances itself and doesn't need any help, or that the ionized alkaline water will get neutralized in the stomach anyway, you're partially correct. If we didn't have the answers to these and many other questions, we would not be sharing this with you now. We're not new at this. A more comprehensive explanation of ionized water and its biological effects is beyond the scope of this introductory discussion, but we would be glad to go into further detail in response to your request.

We are working with some of the most knowledgeable medical professionals (physicians, micro-biologists, naturopaths, dentists, scientists, therapists, nurses, etc.) in their respective fields in order to bring this technology to the forefront. This is real science. The results are observable.

Electrolyzed water The Ionizer Device:

The ionizer device uses freely available tap water, which is run through a filter (for chlorine and lead removal), then through an electrolysis chamber consisting of a series of metallic plates, alternately negatively and positively charged. A membrane separates the negatively charged (anti-oxidizing) and positively charged (oxidizing) waters. Additional pre-filters may be added depending upon the characteristics of the source water.

This water is now available for home use. While the kitchen appliance that produces this water is a marvel of many decades of research and complex engineering, the beauty of this technology is its conceptual simplicity. This small profile device, which sits on (or under) the sink counter, connects to your faucet and provides continuous ionized, alkalized electrolyzed Water.

It is very important that the ionizer device ionizes the tap water stream through electrolysis alone. Anti-oxidant value is most effectively produced by electricity (electrolysis). There is no shortcut. This is how ionized water was created way back in the 1920s when it was first studied by the Russians, followed by the Japanese. The amount of power (wattage) plus the size of the electrolysis plates plus the length of contact time that the water has with these plates, all determine the strength of the anti-oxidant value of the ionized water.

It is important that the ionizer device have proper ISO certification for ionizer manufacture (ISO 13485). It is also important to note the difference between manufacture and assembly. The highest quality is achieved when the ionizer is both manufactured AND assembled in the same factory. The electrolysis chamber is the most important component of the machine and must be manufactured under very precise and controlled conditions. It is this component which is also the most costly, especially when incorporating high quality titanium and platinum in large amounts.

Alternatively, a machine can be produced cheaply by reducing the wattage, plate size and plate quality, but that would lower the anti-oxidant value of the water. In order to make up for the lower value, a manufacturer would have to "cheat" the process by adding inorganic and non-absorbable minerals such as Calcium Tourmaline, which chemically increase the pH value and create a temporarily higher, false anti-oxidant reading on an ORP meter... but our bodies would know the difference. What we cannot assimilate, we cannot eliminate and we cannot assimilate inorganic minerals (regardless of the ionization process). These inorganic minerals will settle in our body's tissues, causing bone spurs, kidney stones, arthritis, etc. You might want to keep this in mind, as we did, when reviewing ionizers.

Our extensive research has uncovered a large amount of misinformation regarding ionizers and bio-chemistry. Some sites debunk ionized water technology based on pure theory, with no empirical data, and misinterpreting ionized water studies. Other sites offer "impartial" reviews of different brands of ionizers, yet are always biased towards the brand which they sell. They are professional spin-masters, and it's almost comical how they bend the truth and promote their disadvantages as supposed benefits. It would be comical if this practice didn't entice un-educated buyers into a potentially harmful health scenario. We have personally witnessed the disappointment of those who’ve wasted money on some of these cheaply made machines.

You can probably see by now that it's difficult to even know which questions to ask when researching this topic. The more you learn, the more you realize how much more you need to learn. The purpose of this site is to arm you with information relevant to the understanding of electrolysis and ionizer technology. Our advice is to take your time and educate yourself as to which questions to ask. Remember... if you choose to bring this technology into your life, this device is something that you'll be using on a daily basis for a long, long time. You'll want to be sure of its quality and effectiveness.

We, at My World of Balance, pride ourselves in our continuing efforts to provide real answers based on sound research and common sense. We always appreciate critical-thinking and welcome any questions or comments.

We believe in self-empowerment when it comes to our own health. The technology from this particular device offers us the most fundamental tool in this effort.

We encourage discussion and critical thinking and we're only interested in what's real. Feel free to Contact us at My World of Balance.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
~ Thomas Edison

Try it for yourself
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